Wednesday, January 6, 2010


2007 moved to a new galaxy, exploded in the open market, the Mazda CX - 7 announced. Unfortunately, the only option with the lack of oil flow is cut off the fuel weight and the same portfolio. But our new 10 year, Mazda, and our schedule to start and cancel all the gasoline engine - the diesel version of these transfers and to improve the style at the same time. 2.2 - liter engine is derived from the Mazda6. At first glance, the thick around the edges, but it increases as you progress. When I arrived the first thing to fire a flat warming was a sharp ringing. After you stop working, and upshifts smoothly, but this has not been completed, remaining in the third and fourth, and immediately felt more energetic. Version as well, it's SUV that drives like a car than the general suggests. High and low floor, the ceiling was too fat to think carefully not only imitate. The front piece size independent Belied and, multi-link rear suspension is not for you. The result was riding comfortably lollopy can not handle a few steps. But the big news here, instead of the engine to avoid talking about therapy: an option, or rather the list, him is not enough. Instead, you all the standard things - full leather seats (heat and electric), cruise control, power folding, bluetooth, camera, satellite navigation and reverse parking a little mirror. Voice-recognition system installed in the cockpit of a jumbo satellite navigation buttons are more complicated than focusing on the wheels may need Bluetooth, but it dominates his life will be your vehicle is a kind of thing.
Mazda important cost of £ 25,785 for her. To compete in the same way - the Land Rover Freelander BMW X1 or things like that - you own a submarine in the area of must be sold. Not as a luxury BMW, CX is - not bad 7-aware. It's the difference between the M & S cashmere sweater, sweater - both very expensive smart, broke his own cost as Primark. Exterior design changes quickly, it can handle almost no value: chrome here and there a touch screen, a large spoiler and new alloy wheel designs are more. Although plastic surgery lazy, the Mazda CX - 7 flatlining defibrilating embarrassment seems to be saved. Gasoline sold more than 2 years old is only the 1350 version. First month on the showroom floor, 110 of the new diesel engine found in the home. I easily sold and settled at the level of the version to return to the market could double in this busy cut throat.
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