Thursday, January 7, 2010


If one of the BMW 3 Series coupe, the universe is a constant of the sport. The ideal balance of every journalist trying to find a way to describe and claim part of this effort, only the sum of three times more. Each of the drivers that we have built the game. For 2009/2010 with the change in the nature center, many of them coupes, especially if they are supported by 335 liters 3 Turbo is a line of cosmetics in the future remain faithful 6. Standard 6, no co-management classes manually if a sports car I'd like to request rates. What was so long after a long time to change is a luxury. 3 Series driver or passenger does not want the treaty, the request for the convenience of leaves, but probably more room for rear passengers. Audi, Infiniti highest quality and excellent finish of the box and raised the quality bar will not be disappointed to build 3. In the current design, 5 years, 3 race is very close to the sudden necessity of restructuring goals, but BMW now win the rest of the can. The mystery of the magic formula are over.
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