Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toyota FORTUNER diesel matic.

Braking System for Accurate

Car brake system accurately Toyota Fortuner Diesel is equipped with automatic because ABS and EBD are kept under control. And this once again proves that even berbodi bongsor Fortuner, but remain safe and comfortable when driving.

Tire Pressure Wind Watch
To be more comfortable Fortuner is concerned the size of tire pressure on all wheels. Automotive editorial crews initially had a chance to feel the shock when he passed a bumpy road surface.

When measured wind pressure tires, it was too fast to reach 42 psi! Having set the normal 32 psi, not until the passenger's body shook as he crossed the uneven streets. Moreover supported suspension settings This car is not too soft and too hard bantingannya tasteless. Very comfortable for long trips.

Irit Solar Consumption

Conditions when tested with the heavy traffic typical of Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, its fuel consumption reaches nine km per liter. While out of town trips to penetrate 10 km per liter. When invited to a constant speed 100 km / h on the highway, more efficient consumption solarnya again because it can reach a distance 15.3 km / liter.

With actual and objective review of the tabloid journalists Automotive proves that the Toyota Fortuner Diesel Cars bertransmisi this automatic feature is not only a relief and a field course for seven passengers, but also safe and comfortable for long trips though.

source: tabloid automotive
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