Friday, January 8, 2010


Full electric mode the car battery polymer lithium ion battery that allows you to reach 40 miles Buruuirurichiumu. HEC gallon blue for 55 miles, reach the standard hybrid mode, and plug-in mode 1 gallon per 106 miles. Currently, efficient cars, including the de facto standard for the transfer of fuel, continuously variable transmission. Like the Prius, the roof of the car's cooling, solar panels are mounted on the vehicle to recharge the battery. Please do not obstruct the visibility of the dye sensitive solar cells panoramic view from the roof. Exciting new innovations, such as blue, - Will-fired generators, to transform it into electricity is a high exhaust temperature. It will help the system fed additional energy. In addition, Hyundai is showing less resistance to improve the efficiency of the bearings of the rotor and brake design. Lower body will also pay special attention to the blue. A time to reduce the air resistance is covered by car. Today is the increase in the basement of the warehouse, which is hidden under the back seat. Blue design, the Mazda 3 is reminiscent of modern times, "said Eco Slim. There are wedge-shaped grid smile and blue eyes like the Mazda's concept cars at the show features Nano composite material of carbon fiber as the not be in plastic. This approach is worried that Toyota and GM. Both Hyundai sheet itself-in is a market for hybrid cars hit, but nothing serious to take over Hyundai. Cars, South Korea has a number of popular hits and Jeneshisukupe sedan. HEC is the advantage that the battery technology is always cheaper than many competitors. GM is, LG Chem, South Korean companies, the lithium-ion batteries supply screws. Hyundai, for one low price, you can obtain the components of the battery? Been developed, and strategies to reduce the price competitiveness of today. In this case, the Korean companies are looking at a competitive price in the market can bring a plug-in hybrid is interesting. 2011 production cars as soon as you enter.
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